Dan Baldwin has just released a beautiful new print with Eyestorm, the leading online retailer of limited edition contemporary art. Large in scale and in an edition of just 15, each one is hand finished, giving them the unique feel of one-off works.


In a commentary on the symbolism utilized in the print, Dan says:

“Big Ben I’ve used in paintings before, it’s sexy and sums up a powerful historic London energy. Have you ever stood under Big Ben? It’s amazing. The swallow I guess is the main one, symbolising freedom, then there’s the faint skull in the background – I couldn’t help myself! It just needed that ghostly decay lingering. The cobweb represents life and death: death to the fly, life to the spider. Russian prison tattoos, caught in a web. The raspberry symbolises innocence-life-fruit-vanitas-decay-fragility, which I felt fitted with her. I wanted a cutesy element to compliment the girl. The razor blade, I like the fact this is real – I felt the print needed a real element and this is great because it can be ripped off and will slice you, but sprayed gold it becomes sexy. The tank is a symbol of war.”

Founded in 1999, Eyestorm have published works with Damien Hirst, William Klein, Bob Carlos Clarke, Andy Goldsworthy, Antony Micallef and Peter Blake amongst many other established and emerging artists and photographers.