Dan Witz at Carmichael Gallery

Brooklyn artist Dan Witz opens his first major LA show at Carmichael Gallery tonight, Thursday November 5th. The exhibit, Dark Doings, showcases a selection of pieces from his expansive summer street project of the same name. Created both for the street and gallery, the subtle, haunting images of human and animal faces trapped behind dirty glass windows are inspired by a recent visit earlier in the year to the red light district of Amsterdam. Dark Doings runs through December 3rd.

Vera Z by Dan Witz in LA


Dorie by Dan Witz in LA

With a career that dates back to the 1970s, Dan Witz is one of the most prolific artists working on the streets of New York City today. Some of the most influential voices in the street art scene have commented on his importance, both personally and globally.

“It was Dan Witz who first showed us how powerful street art could be. Each summer, Dan’s projects take street art to new levels by adding elements of “surprise and delight” into the city landscape. For us, Dan Witz is the consummate street artist. He’s provocative. He’s dedicated. And most of all – He has absolutely wicked skills.”

Marc and Sara Schiller (Wooster Collective)

“Dan Witz is a true pioneer of the street art movement. What makes Dan so special is his true passion and love for street art. As many artists on the streets have come and gone over the years, Dan has remained true to the craft and has kept his work alive on the streets since he began over 3 decades ago. I don’t know any other street artists that have been at it that long.”


Dan Witz at Carmichael Gallery


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