Currently on show until the 4th of Februrary 2009, is an exhibition by Daniel & Geo Fuchs  titled “Toygiants” at Young Gallery in Brussels, which includes a series of photographs showcasing an extensive collection of toys, ranging from Kaws and James Jarvis to the hulk and batman action figures. Check out the exhibition if you are in the area, if not, Young Gallery has provided an excellent gallery containing images of the toys here. The project “Toygiants” is the product of several years of collaborative work between Daniel and Geo Fuchs and Selim Varol. Daniel and Geo Fuchs have worked together for over 15 years on photo-artistic projects, the most recent being Conserving, Famous Eyes and STASI Secret Rooms. Their work is shown in exhibitions and art museums around the world. Selim Varol has collected toys for over 20 years and is the owner of one of Europe s largest collections. The book isalso available from Amazon here.