While known as one of the most famous photographers in the world, David Bailey is about to present a new show at London’s Pangolin featuring a collection of sculptures by the artist.

“David Bailey has spent the last fifty years creating some of the most iconic photographic imagery, turning models into household names and capturing stars on the ascent, and in doing so carved a new place in the world for the cult of photographer.

An upcoming exhibition at Pangolin in London will showcase as yet unseen works of Bailey’s. These works expose a new side to Bailey’s capacity for image creation, this time with a new medium. For alongside new photography he will be presenting for the first time his sculptures, which were previously confined to his studio as a personal exploration. In contrast to his photographs of beautiful faces, Bailey’s sculptures go beneath the flesh, in an examination of the skull beneath, as well as exploring influences ranging from tribal art to Picasso.

The exhibition is an impetus for artists to explore different mediums. Bailey’s take on his own creative evolution: “I’m not saying I’m a sculptor, I just make images. I don’t take photographs, I make them. And now I’m making
something else.””

Link: Anyone,girl.