Rarely do we see a street artist with the skills and complexity of David Choe. His dense and richly layered pictures – seductive, appealing, and ambitious yet equally uncensored, honest, and transgressive – demonstrate the fascinating and complex talent that’s driven him to the front ranks of artists whose work mixes graffiti and gallery.

This dynamic monograph captures the frenetic raw energy and gorgeous, intense work of gallery and street artist David Choe. From dropping out of art school to a stint in Japanese prison to representation by the Lazarides Gallery alongside Banksy, Choe’s wild ride through the art world is represented by a major selection of images, and narrated throughout by Choe himself. Graffiti, murals, paintings, sketchbook pages, photographs, pop culture riffs, artwork created with blood, and more fill the kinetic pages—all annotated by the artist in a voice that matches the funny, frantic, daredevil nature of the work itself.

By David Choe

Hardcover / 288 pp

Available September 2010 from Chronicle Books.