Upper Playground is pleased to announce the release of SLAMXHYPE Blogger David Choe’s Choegal, a wooden figure produced by Ningyoushi, in association with Upper Playground.   The Choegal is based on a wooden toy that David Choe made for past Giant Robot shows.  The Choegal is limited to a set of 1000 and each doll is hand painted.  David Choe himself was surprised at the detail that the overseas factory was able to replicate by hand.  David stated: “I gave detailed instructions to the factory on how to replicate my multi layered style,

and looking at this toy I can’t even tell the difference from the original, I should just get these fuckers to do all my paintings for me too! Anyways the whole toy is made out of wood, it has a lot of moving parts, and the head spins around to reveal three different faces and emotions, I been staring at this thing for over an hour I can’t get over it, I been fucking cloned!!”

The figure has fully poseable arms and has three faces with different expressions:  happy, angry and sad.  To reveal a new face, turn the “pom pom” on the hat.  The Choegal measures approximately 8 inches tall and, since they are all hand painted, they will all vary slightly.  The Choegal is available online here.