It does make you think, if these artists were still around in this day and age what they would be doing and how they would or would not be taking advantage of the Internet and phone accessibility’s that we have in this technically advanced time. We can only imagine the likes of Andy Warhol dominating the web with mass exposure and thrashed fame. Here is a look at David Hockney’s obsession with his iPhone painting application.

At the age of 72 the painter has created nearly a thousand images and emails them out to his pals. In the current issue of the New York Review of Books, Lawrence Weshler talks to Hockney about his foray into his new media. ‘It’s always there in my pocket, there’s no thrashing about, scrambling for the right color. One can set to work immediately, there’s this wonderful impromptu quality, this freshness, to the activity; and when it’s over, best of all, there’s no mess, no clean-up. You just turn off the machine. Or, even better, you hit Send, and your little cohort of friends around the world gets to experience a similar immediacy. There’s something, finally, very intimate about the whole process’.






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