Recently opened at Wolfgang Roth and Partners Fine Art in Miami is “Cars and Money: new works by David LaChapelle”. A showing of two significant new collections from one of the world’s most recognisable fashion and fine art photographers in which he examines the concepts of money, status and luxury he has been so instrumental in building.

“The Crash” includes work named after taglines in automobile advertising which feature a collage of images showing crushed and destroyed cars literally recontextualises high end autos and forcing us re-think our idea of luxury.


In “Negative Currency” LaChapelle uses a developing technique to enlarge a dollar bill and show a reverse image superimposed over the top of a positive image as a comment on the negative effect of money on society.


The show also includes an exhibit of some of his retrospective pieces.


LaChapelle’s heritage is unquestionable, staring his career working for Andy Warhol and being named “One of the top ten most important people in photography in the world” by American Photo he has shot some of the most famous people in the world and had his images published in just about every iconic magazine imaginable, so its no surprise that his work was accepted so quickly by the art establishment. Stylistically stunning, and packed with his trademark humor, but I cant help feel that the message he is trying to convey is diminished by the truly unsubtle approach he adopts.

Check it out for yourself at Wolfgang Roth and Partners Fine Art in Miami until 13th February 2010.

Thanks to High Snobiety for the images.

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  1. julian c

    the other half was not david lachapelle, it was helmut newton…

  2. Allan

    Yeah I realised myself and had edited it before you left your comment.

    Thanks for paying attention though :)