David Lynch has an enormous yet specific following, now the Blue Velvet director will be including these very fans into his latest film. The final film in a trilogy, “Lynch Three” will feature Lynch himself documenting the filmmaker’s life and work, but this film is to be executed with a spin. Instead of turing to the usual Hollywood investors, David Lynch is turning to his fans for help with funding his latest film. Producer, John Nguyen, talks about the new idea, “A film can take a long time to finance so we had this crowd-funding idea. We went to David Lynch for his seal of approval and he was up for it. He ended up making an abstract self-portrait and we’re going to give an original print of it to anyone who chooses to donate $50 towards the film, or a T-shirt featuring the print. We hope to raise part of the money in this way.”

Not only do fans who donate get to also ask David questions that they would like seen answered in “Lynch Three”, their contributions to the film may also be included in the rolling credits at the end of the film!

LA Times