Famed Dutch artist Delta is set to exhibit a video art installation at the new WeSC store as part of the celebrations at P.U.B for the launch of floor 1. Delta is a young visual artist who works primarily in the field of graffiti painting. In his visually spectacular work Delta significantly transforms both the traditional presentation mode of visual art, as well as the genre of graffiti painting itself. He introduces an alien and idiosyncratic aesthetic into graffiti painting that escapes the common logo-like word iD’s, which make up the majority of other graffiti writers work. His drawings, paintings, video works and installations could be seen as fingerprints or portraits of industrial architecture.

Delta began a long-term relationship with WeSC in the winter of 2006. This spring 2009 sees Delta release his sixth collaboration with WeSC – ’Delta 91’ t-shirt which features his unique artwork and will be available from the WeSC store at P.U.B, floor 1. Autumn 2009 sees the collaboration expand; with the t-shirt complemented with a sweater featuring an all-over knitted Delta artwork arriving in-store late August.

Rosenlundsgatan 36
SE-118 53 Stockholm