We first caught sight the work of Federico Babina in Archicine, which saw the Italian architect and illustrator depict some of film’s most iconic architecture in a simple, graphic style. Now, Babina turns his pen to another subject — the fine art world — withArchist, re-imagning famous works of art as buildings. The artistic styles of the likes of Piet MondrianAndy WarholDamien HirstMarcel Duchamp and more have been re-interpreted based on how the illustrator thinks they would look as pieces of architecture. And he’s done a damn fine job. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but for our money, the Salvador Dali house wins for its surreal weirdness, while the sculptural Anish Kapoor building stands out for the fact that it’s got a giant bong on the roof.

For the complete series, head over to Babina’s website.


Federico Babina archist