Paul McCartney‘s 1964 Aston Martin DB5 was the subject of a stand out auction at the RM Auctions’ Battersea Evolution event in London fetching $495,000USD. The car is thought to be the first Aston Martin that McCartney owned and was bought brand new in 1964. The design features a 280-horsepower engine, a Motorola radio, Philips Auto-Mignon record player while aesthetically the the Sierra Blue exterior is accented with a black interior. Despite the lofty price tag of McCartney’s Aston however, bandmate George Harrison‘s own platinum DB5 sold at Coy’s last year for a hair above $496, 000, and the 1964 Aston of James Bond fame makes both price tags pale in comparison — the car sold for $4.6 million USD a few years back.