Stephane Malka’s proposal for a central Parisian student residence pairs the surplus of industrial production and the need to reclaim the urban built form with its recycled  crate-covered ‘Ame-Lot’ residences. The French architect and graffiti artist has proposed a skin of wooden pallet, able to fold and create a modular geometry, aimed at breathing a new life into an existing building. Combining horizontal hinges, the new envelope posits a new environmental approach that consists of layered superimpositions of existing materials and system – a step beyond mere recycling, but rather the assignment of a new meaning to discarded, single-use micro structures by designing them to become a macro strategy. The power of accretion is is witnessed with a full reversal of the often damaging relationship between the environment and unabashed consumption while the architecture proposes that walls should be thickened and the urban form need be an ever-changing space that invites in the byproducts of its ecology.