Dickies have teamed up with legendary tattoo artist Mark Mahoney of Hollywood’s Shamrock Social Club to produce a special limited edition t-shirt.

One of the founding fathers of the modern tattoo scene his iconic black and gray technique has seen him become one of the most sought after artists in Hollywood having worked on people including Brad Pitt, Notorious BIG, Johnny Depp, Redman and even Britney Spears. Mark started his career as an illegal, underground artist in Boston in the 70s where he was at the centre of the burgeoning punk scene before moving to Hollywood to learn his trade as a legit artist, eventually opening the Shamrock Social Club in the heart of Sunset Boulevard.

Dickies have worked with Mark to produce a t-shirt that encapsulates his relationship with the city.

To celebrate the release of this special edition Dickies have worked with Lowbrowfilms to create a short movie of Mark telling stories from his life and career.  These days when even middle class mums and teeny pop stars  are getting tattoos they seem to have become socially acceptable, but the dapper tattooist takes us through his early days in Boston, to tales of hanging our with bikers and punks in LA, Follwing John Gotti around New York and meeting Sid Vicious – taking us back to a time when tattoos were underground and felt dangerous and rebellious.