Pharrell Williams and Brooklyn Machine Works, which he co-owns, have teamed up with the design duo, Domeau & Peres, on this mega-limited 1 of 1 fixed gear bicycle that is currently on display at the W Lounge in Paris, France. Pharrell and Domeau & Peres have previously worked together on a set of chairs earlier in the year, but this time, they delve into the world of cycling. The vivid yellow bike comes laced with premium leathers to give it a higher end quality about it and being that it is 1 of 1, I am sure nothing was spared in the overall make up of this collaborative product. Again, the bike is on display in the special W Lounge pop-up space that was set up in anticipation for the W Hotel that is opening in 2011.



Thanks to BKRW for the images.