Art Basel is great, but almost too good, with so many shows on its hard to ensure you get to all, and you’re bound to miss out on some of the better ones. This was the case with DZINE’s show at Bass Museum of Art. One of my favourite artists today, DZINE (Carlos Rolon) manages to blend sub cultures and the streets with fine art like no other, his amazing custom lowrider bike’s are some of the most amazing pieces I’ve seen in Galleries.

Dzine-511“For his exhibition at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami, Dzine created a new custom lowrider tricycle inspired by the concept of Ghost Bike memorials. A ghost bike is a bicycle painted white and chained to a pole near the place where a cyclist has been hurt or killed by a car as a roadside memorial. Dzine’s Ghost Bike is a tricycle painted white and fitted with Swarovski crystals, mirror, fabric, video and audio. The film, conceived by Dzine and Joey Garfield, and edited by Dan Zabinski, consists of film footage Dzine found in his fathers house, and features music by Héctor Lavoe.

Additional works on display are, among others, “The Love Below (Custom Speaker Box Chandelier)”, a customized chandelier with Swarovski crystals fabric, light bulbs, wire and audio; “Across the Universe”, a wall installation with mirror, Swarovski crystals and turntable; and “Infinite Mararishi (after Yajoi Kusama)”, a colorful installation with glass beads, crystals, and mirrors.”

Vernissage TV were on hand to capture the experience on film.

Check out images from the show here.