A collection of work from Polish-American painter Ed Paschke is scheduled to be shown at the Gagosian Gallery New York, opening March 18.  Curated by Paschke’s former assistant Jeff Koons, pieces will feature accompanying essays and critique’s from Koons himself as well as other respected writers such as Dennis Adrian.

Paschke is recognised as one of the few artisits who have been able to assert themselves as credible forces within ‘pop art’ and as a contemporary of Andy Warhol, Paschke’s work can be seen as pioneering – ultimatly inspiring a new generation of artists.

Koons himself has said:

“Ed Paschke taught me what it meant to be a professional artist.”  A statement which has far reaching consequences from an artist who’s work has reverberated across the cultural landscape – most recently inspiring Adam Kimmel’s 2010/11 Winter Collection.

It is undeniable therefore that Paschke’s work be regarded with the upmost respect.  Bringing together pieces from his Foudation (set up after his death in 2004) and Private Collections, viewers will have the chance to see some of the first pieces of ‘pop art’ which used diverse media such as film and projections, to satirically comment on society.

Paschke’s work – which he admitted to being obsessed with the urban environment –  hold’s sentiment across the cultural landscape, and with the exhibition running for only a short time – March 18 to April 24 – opportunity is limited to glimpse Paschke’s eclectic catalogue.