Italian artist Elisa Sighicelli latest exhinibition “The party is over” is about to open at The Gagosian Gallery in New York.

Featuring a selection of everday images of architectural details she uses photography and video to oscillate between stillness and motion.  Her works explore places suspended in time and the spatial dynamics of architecture in cities around the world, while deliberately avoiding narrative structure. Combining elements from the material and immaterial worlds, Sighicelli’s works reveal themselves both as still lifes and enigmatic apparitions.

Light is used throughout the show to highlight the sculptural elements of the architectural subjects.  The photographs have been printed by hand on matte paper rather than on the customary transparent film, then mounted onto a Plexiglas lightbox. Certain areas of the image are masked out by applying black paint to the reverse side while back-lighting other areas so as to manipulate light and shadow creating a distinct sculptural object.

Also included in the show is the video instillation “Untitled” (The Party is Over) (2009), which features fireworks explode against the night. Edited in reverse with an hypnotic rhythm that induces daydreaming, this video could be the depiction of a journey in the time machine. Just as Sighicelli’s lightboxes draw on certain stylistic elements of film language, which the artist twists in new directions, so do her videos and films employ photographic techniques to create a sort of hybrid in which painting, cinema, and photography combine in an original way.


“The party is over” by Elisa Sighicelli is at the Gagosian Gallery New York from 14th January until February 27th.