Building off his highly successful opening of ‘New Abstracts and Icons’, a major solo exhibition of paintings, drawings, and sculpture in New York,  Haze posts a personal statement on his blog about his unique journey to this point in his career; his inspiration painting with Keith Haring and Jean-Michael Basquiat in the ’80s,  rediscovering his passion for painting in a digital world, and his process of reestablishing himself in the fine art world. 

‘I grew up being privileged to spend time watching artists like Keith, Jean and Lee actually create their works, and though I always admired how confidently and fluidly they were able to paint, somehow it was always more about controlling other mediums and fine tuning the results to me until recently,’ said Haze. ‘I began to get much more back in touch with making things up naturally as I went along, and part of the initial recent process has also been about challenging myself to more simply just let things happen, with an absolute trust of line, motion and the beauty of imperfection.’

Haze created a large-scale window-installation on the first floor of the gallery, a visual extension of the show extending to the streets that is unmistakably Haze. The exhibition includes more than 50 works by the artist and has also released a limited edition archival poster, exclusive to his ‘New Abstracts and Icons’ exhibition, which is now available through his online store at interhaze.com.

‘New Abstract and Icons’ is showing until 10th December 2009.