Erik Brunetti has worked alongside Medicom to create a capsule collection as part of the Japanese manufacturers F@brick label. The collection is made up of a Backpack, Waist Bag, Slippers and Pillow. Brunetti “we chose to replicate the camouflage of the Vietnam M-1 helmet cover, also referred to as the Jungle leaf pattern or the “Mitchell”. These helmets were often decorated with graffiti by soldiers depicting symbols of peace, nihilism and drug use. (This ‘Nam camo was only used for helmet covers during 1963-1970.)”

Whats important to take note of is Erik’s amazing knowledge and passion for the history behind his work, he’s a genuine influencer responsible for so many trends we’ve seen in our culture, and through this project shows again how his knowledge and passion for authenticity and meaningful story is beyond that of others in the industry. Stay tuned for more, but in the meantime take a look at the amazing fabric produced by Medicom.