‘LOST (Black Female)’ a large scale installation from Erik Brunetti, has been presented for the MOCA ‘Art in the Streets’ Exhibition. The installation was first exhibited in 1996 at OK Harris Gallery in New York and this time Brunetti has been invited re-create this piece as part of the MOCA exhibition.

“The piece is an assemblage of lost animal flyers that were gathered by the artist over a period of several years, while out on the streets writing graffiti. His fascination with the desperate nature of these flyers inspired him to create a piece depicting what he believes to be one of the purest forms of art on the street, rooted in sorrow and devoid of hubris or bluster. Each flyer chronicles a story of love and loss which has in turn forced a person to produce a candid pictorialization in sincere hopes of being reunited with what they have lost. The proportion of the piece attempts to establish an overwhelming sense of melancholy through the urgency of art in a crisis.”

The work is on show at the The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, 152 North Central Avenue in Los Angeles until the 8th August.

Source: FUCT

2 Responses

  1. Isaccpadillasucks

    geez i love the idea but damn probably nobody got their cats back while he was about

  2. tlela

    My dog is up there at least 13 times.  I hope Mr. Brunetti took one and made copies or I too wonder if he is the reason our dog was never returned.