MOCAtv introduces us to ‘Everything is Possible’, a new video work written, directed and scored by Matthew Stone. ‘Everything is Possible’ is a visual manifesto and music video designed to act as propaganda for a new optimism and culture that celebrates kindness without seeming pathetic.

“Looking back now it had become clear to me that we are still able to credibly speak about love. A love that finds its feet in a kindness that is more powerful than violence. A love thats mystery lies in a type of beauty that is beyond the body & that dwarfs the things that you can buy. Love focused like a laser.”

Matthew Stone’s multifaceted work addresses culture as a whole. First and foremost an artist, he notoriously attracted more than 4000 viewers for his !WOWOW! performance at Tate Britain, in 2008. Since then, his work has been featured in numerous venues, most recently, the 2012 Marrakech Biennial. His work often involves collaboration and exists in multiple creative fields simultaneously. Everything is Possible is an artwork that straddles, television, fashion editorial, music, performance and writing. Finally — and that might be the link between all the different sides of his creativity — Matthew Stone unites his vision under “Optimism as Cultural Rebellion”, a philosophical way of thinking that invites everyone to relate to the world in a renewed fashion.