photography-mfah-frontOn view until May, 24th 2009 , Eye on the Third Ward is being exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts in houston.  the exhibition is an annual celebration of works created by students at Jack Yates High School.

The Third Ward is a historically African American community which is home to many important culture, political, and educational organizations as well as a strong  religious and community group.  The MFAH´s education department, and the Magnet School of Communication at Jack Yates High School founded the Eye on Third Ward photography project in 1995 to encourage students to focus their technological and observational skills by documenting the neighborhood and its residents.R  C. Carrington III the Yates photography teacher, challenges his students each year to produce photographs which capture the essence and personality of the area and  the people that live there.  About 60 high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors, ages 15 to 17, participate in the project every year. A select number of the works produced during the year-long class are chosen for the annual exhibition.