To celebrate the 10th issue of Faesthetic  UPSO the artist behind the magazine enlisted help from some of his closet and earliest collaborators including Mike Giant who provided the cover art. With the focused theme being Luck, the anniversary issue sees 40+ artist including very accomplished artist the likes of Mark Mothersbaugh, Jeff Staple, and Cody Hudson. Faesthetic has always been a goto zine for inspiration from variety of artist and to hear that it has reached its 10th anniversary with no plans of stopping is a huge testament to the UPSO  as well as the supporting artist community.  Here is a bit more about the 13th issue from UPSO himself:

When I set out to make Faesthetic #1, I knew who I wanted to do the cover. I had already been collecting screen prints (and tattoos!) from Mike Giant since early college, and was stoked when he said yes. For issue #13, it only made sense to ask him again.

Ten years later and Mike is the international phenomenon I always knew he’d be. Faesthetic has grown as well. From a hand stapled – xeroxed zine, to a full color offset printed magazine with international readership and participation.

This amazing issue is currently available through Faesthetic’s webshop.