Get ready! FAME Fest 2009 is coming your way. The official blog for this year’s meeting of some of the world’s best contemporary artists in the village of Grottaglie, Italy has just gone up – keep an eye out for more details.


Artists featured include Erica Il Cane, Judith Supine, David Ellis, Word To Mother, Sam3, Blu, JR, Vhils, Conor Harrington, Lucy Mclauchlan, Mark Jenkins, Dolk, Clio, Slinkachu, Dem, Will Barras, Tuono Pettinato, and Paper Resistance. Find links to more information about them here.

Says Angelo of Studio Cromie:

“As you can see, these two images show us two versions of the same wall. you might think that the chicken one is the latest version but if you double check the one on the left you’ll find out that Erica il Cane beautiful piece have been buffed.

thanks to the town council soubrettes (who apparently did not like the piece) we now have a brand new gray wall. it’s in their honour that we decided to use the same wall as the poster for 2009 edition.”

We’re going to be seeing some amazing work at FAME Fest from the artists involved, but it’s always hard to hear that a beautiful Erica il Cane piece has been buffed…