From 1957 Ferus Gallery created a thriving art scene in Los Angeles during the post-war times up until 1966. Famous for launching the careers of artists such as Robert Irwin, Ed Moses and Billy Al Bengston, Ferus Gallery was also the first west coast gallery to showcase the east coast’s Andy Warhol, not to mention Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, and Robert Rauschenberg.

From February 9th to March 13th 2010, Santa Monica’s Samuel Freeman Galley will pay tribute to Ferus Gallery’s place in the rise of American art alongside their 50th anniversary and replicate the gallery’s original front door and a re-creation of the Ferus’s 1960 solo Bengston exhibit. Entitled ‘Billy’ the exhibition promises a level of unpredictability and Bengston has confirmed that he’ll display some original Heart/Anthurium paintings.

Source Culture Monster