Shawn Mortensen was a remarkable individual, and one whose heart and sole are sorely missed here. Sean Reveron, from RockersNYC recently created a piece of writing in memory of Shawn for i-D magazine. A good friend of Shawn’s for almost 20 years, this one comes from the heart and is well worth reading. In addition, here are some images from Shawn’s last exhibition which was also the launch of THE NEW ORDER magazine.


Shawn Mortensen was a celebration of life & of the cultures he explored! From the very first time I met him 16 years ago, I felt his love for life. It’s sort of funny – we took him to the depths of South Central for a photo shoot, surround by Crips, & he was not shook at all. We did the shoot, & he later made friends with the Crips. I really admired the way that Shawn never tied himself to just one culture, but he respected the humanity in us all! He was so chill, he could be around the hardest punk kids, to straight up b-boys, to the dreadest of the dread rasta, & still be right at home! I also love the way he was a giver of energy – whenever I was around him I always felt better when we parted. And he had some of the raddest stories ever…I could talk to him for hours on any subject! Words cannot descibe how happy I am that we got a chance to create together on the FW08 War Dance tee. When we interviewed him, it was magic hearing him talking about his experience in Jamiaca during the 1991 Sting concert, where he took the historical picture of Supercat & Ninjaman that we used on the tee. All of his special qualities are edvident the body of work that he left the world to celebrate! Shawn will always be alive in the hearts of the people that knew him & in the work he created…Oh yeah, and Mortensen was one supa fly dressing motherfucker, without ever looking like he tried!