At this time last week, French tattoo artist and graffiti writer FUZI UVTPK opened a solo exhibition of new work at CLASSIC Ephemeral Gallery in Paris. Titled DEVORATION (also the title of a new book featuring an interview between the artist and Thibault Choay), the artwork on display presents a look at FUZI’s signature sketched style, realized as pencil drawings onto framed, subway seat leather. This medium represents FUZI’s past as a writer within the infamous UV-TPK crew, as well as his current tattoo-ing style.

Take a look through a selection of the darkly humorous, intricate work above.

CLASSIC Ephemeral Gallery
26 rue du Vertbois – Paris 3rd
Mon-Sat / Noon-7pm
Until Dec. 20th

Photo Credit: Karl Hab/SLAMXHYPE