Angel Ortiz aka “Little Angel” or “LA II” has admitted to adding his work to Keith Haring’s reconstructed memorial mural on Houston Street. The two were friends and often worked together having met in 1980, Haring said of Ortiz, “We just immediately hit it off. It’s as if we’d known each other all our lives. He’s like my little brother.” The original mural on Houston Street which adorned LA II’s tag was reproduced when the reconstructed version went up earlier in Summer thanks to Keith Haring Foundation and Deitch Projects. 18 years on from the death of the New York artist Ortiz has struggled since and LA II told the New York Times, “What keeps me going is my art. I wanted to show the foundation: This is LA II, this is how it all started.” Will be interesting to see what comes of this piece of work now, which originally only lasted a few months before being removed lets hope the same fate does not occur.



Thanks to SuperTouch and The NY Times, where you can read the full story.