A decade in the industry is beckoning for renowned LA retailer De La Barracuda, while Miguel has made this a destination for many there involvement in Gardener 10th is quite remarkable. Having continually hosted some of the most fascinating events this must be up their with the finest as Michael Lau celebrates his 10th anniversary of the Gardener. Having played a pivotal role in the events unfold, Michael Lau has to created an exceptional piece for De La Barracuda which will launch on Friday October 2 and we caught up with Miguel on the eve of this memorable event.

Customer Appreciation Day Presented by De La Barracuda
Gardener 10th Exhibition & De La Barracuda release
(Michael Lau will be available to meet fans and sign autographs)
Wood grain edition exclusive to the Los Angeles exhibition


SLAMXHYPE – Miguel please tell us about De La Barracuda and what the concept is about?

MIGUEL – De La Barracuda is a lifestyle, clothing store, gallery, hair salon, and soon to be tattoo shop with a climbing wall, mini ramp, and great back yard for music and community events. After being on Melrose for 8 years, I think it can be called a main Los Angeles destination, that I happen to have the privilege to curate.

SLAMXHYPE – Please tell us about how you became involved with Michael Lau and how your relationship grew into creating a figure for Gardener 10th?

MIGUEL – We have had an incredible relationship with MINDstyle for many years and after talking with MD we decided that our store would be the best location for the show. Michael decided that he wanted to make a toy to connect with the LA lifestyle, and our toy is one of his representations of that.


Michael Lau Gardener DE LA BARRACUDA In-Store Exclusive Figure

SLAMXHYPE – Can you please tell us about your version of Gardener 10th figure how it represents De La Barracuda?

MIGUEL – Our Gardener 10th figure is a perfect representation of our brand. It’s head is our Quetzalcoatl logo, it is wearing our LA logo t-shirt, and has barracuda fin hands. This toy represents our mexican heritage, our love for LA, and our international relationships with brands such as Mindstyle and great artists like Michael Lau.

SLAMXHYPE – What does it mean to you to be the location and one of producers behind Michael Lau’s first exhibition on US soil, and one that is so significant?

MIGUEL – It is a great honor for us to be the location for Michael Lau’s first US show and 10 year anniversary. Personally, as a collector this is a dream come true. To have Michael’s personal collection in our gallery is bananas!


Michael Lau Gardener DE LA BARRACUDA Exhibition Exclusive Figure

SLAMXHYPE – What is your perception on the Vinyl toy scene in the States and what role the Gardener and Michael Lau has played in the last decade?

MIGUEL – I think that the Vinyl scene has changed a lot in the past few years, but I know that this is just the beginning of great things to happen. Michael Lau is definitely the pioneer on Vinyl collectables, and with these toys being introduced to the US it is going to start a whole new fire in the collectable world. I am very impressed by the new packaging and quality of toys today.

SLAMXHYPE – De La Barracuda now is a destination, a fast moving recognizable brand but what is next on your agenda?

MIGUEL – We are launching our De La Barracuda line next season and will be opening our distribution. We will continue our lifestyle events, art shows, and collaborations. We are planning an Asia tour, that will include pop up stores and limited edition merchandise, similar to the one that we had in Hong Kong last year. We want to share our Mexican punk rock heritage and LA lifestyle with others.


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