It goes without saying that we’ve been very busy for the past few months with a very dear project for us; Introducing the Michael Lau x SLAMXHYPE exclusive collaboration figure to celebrate Michael Lau’s Gardener 10th anniversary craze that has taken over Los Angeles. Available in an extra desirable all black colorway that is Michael Lau’s take on ‘Gardener meets SLAMXHYPE’. We are truly humbled and thrilled to be a part of something of this magnitude.

The toy is limited edition of only 100 pieces and portrays our SLAMXHYPE identity mixed in with Michael’s creative vision along with some special culturally relevant references for you. The festivities and toy release will take place on September 30th at 6 p.m. at the transformed De La Barracuda store.

September 30th will be the very first day Michael Lau’s G10 Exhibition at DLB becomes open to public so don’t miss this incredible opportunity to see Michael Lau’s Gardener 10th exhibition in person and of course get a rare chance to purchase Michael Lau x SLAMXHYPE Gardener 10th all black colored toy! (At DLB ONLY) For those of you who are far away and not in Los Angeles area we will be offering a very small number of our toy online via SLAMXHYPE webstore as early as Wednesday, September 30th.

Once again please come join us in this special event , celebrate it with rivers of booze and excellent soundtrack provided by none other than Sean Reveron (Rockers NYC, God’s Prey) and take part in our fussball competition against some of the most notable cultural savants, artists and musicians. See below some unseen images of the Michael Lau figure including an ASIAN EXCLUSIVE, releasing later in the year below.


Michael Lau Gardener SLAMXHYPE Online Exclusive Figure; available on the night of the launch at De La Barracuda and HERE. (Limited 100 pieces)


Michael Lau Gardener SLAMXHYPE Exhibition Exclusive Figure; in his signature wood grain. (Limited 100 pieces)


Michael Lau Gardener SLAMXHYPE Asian Exclusive Figure. (Limited 50 pieces)


For more information about the event, toy release and more visit our Gardener 10th webpage.