Here is another significant name to be involved in the Gardener 10th celebrations, with The Hundreds. A name which holds a monopoly on the scene not only in LA but around the globe. Continuing to evolve they two have had their name interpreted by Michael Lau with their Adam Bomb the notable facet of the design. The Hundreds will launch their figure at De La Barracuda on October 1, which follows the launch of the SLAMXHYPE figure. So in the meantime here is an interview with Bobby Hundreds to give you an idea of they put together for the project with Michael Lau.


SLAMXHYPE – The Hundreds is a clothing brand and a lifestyle that you guys promote, how do you feel about bringing a toy into equation especially one of such significance?

BOBBY HUNDREDS – Well, we’ve already introduced our fans to a toy.. That was last year, when we worked on a project with Medicom. But this time around, it’s special, because this is a Michael Lau figure. It’s not a toy. It’s a work of art.

SLAMXHYPE – You obviously know Michael and his work were you impressed by Michael’s interpretation of The Hundreds translated into a Gardner toy and at the same time being part of the Gardner 10th anniversary?

BOBBY HUNDREDS – It’s truly been an honor. We are all tremendous Michael Lau fans here. So just the fact that he was even interested in including us to commemorate his 10th anniversary, that pretty much is a benchmark in my career.


SLAMXHYPE – Michael’s interpretation of The Hundreds logo is unique, how significant is this for you?

BOBBY HUNDREDS – Very. Our mascot logo is Adam Bomb. When I first drew him, I never visualized him having a human body, so whenever we’ve included him in graphic applications, he’s always just been this floating disembodied sphere. But when Lau offered his interpretation, with his trademark poor-postured caveman silhouette, I was impressed. And I liked it. I don’t think you will ever see Adam Bomb with a body again, but Lau gets a definite pass.

SLAMXHYPE – How did you get involved with the Gardner 10th project?

BOBBY HUNDREDS – Mindstyle, the toy manufacturers, approached us.. Letting us know that Michael Lau wanted to work with us in that it was his first time exhibiting in Los Angeles, and he wanted to work with a brand that captured the essence of the city. I guess he asked us for us by name, and just that he is familiar with our work,’s an honor.

SLAMXHYPE – What is your perception on the vinyl toy scene in the States and what role the Gardener has played in the last decade?

BOBBY HUNDREDS – I just wrote an extensive blog about that on our site actually! But the vinyl toy scene in the States hasn’t ever really interested me. So I lost touch with it over the years. My fascination with vinyl toy culture came by way of Medicom, Michael Lau, and Eric So, but it seems there’s a disconnect with those pioneers in the current figure craze. To me, Gardener and the like are the true progenitors of this movement, and the authentic foundation for vinyl toy culture.


SLAMXHYPE – What direction will we see The Hundreds go to after this project?

BOBBY HUNDREDS – We’re just staying focused, chugging along. Working on more projects with interesting peers and creative minds. As always, it’s been about people, not product. Building relationships!

SLAMXHYPE – Any last thoughts on the Gardener 10th?

BOBBY HUNDREDS – We just want to thank MD, Mindstyle, Miguel at De La Barracuda, and of course, Michael Lau for including us in such an important occasion.

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