Film writer and director Gaspar Noé, the French provocateur of the highly stimulant film Irreversible, has now created his new feature, ‘Enter the Void’ starring . Opening this month and a nearly three hour cut, the film is said to create such a stir that even critics and the youth of tomorrow will be talking and debating over it for years to come. Hunter Stephenson from INterview Magazine sat down with Gaspar Noé to talk and get insight on the new film.

STEPHENSON: I spoke to Richard Kern recently, and he said when he was photographing Paz, she was one of the only women he’s worked with who demanded to keep going, for him to shoot more photos of her naked. Was that your experience?

NOE: Oh, she loves being photographed. She loves being filmed. I like her energy and I felt she was gorgeous, perfect for the film. She could cry and scream for me on demand, and I knew she had no problems with nudity. And she’s very willing in real life. I’ll tell you, there are people you want to go on holidays with, and if you want to have fun on a set, you better pick only those people. The more fun you can have on a set, the better the work in my opinion. We all become friends.

STEPHENSON: What was the extent of your dealings with Tokyo’s yakuza in making the film?

NOE: There are certainly parts of the city, like in Hong Kong, that deal with gambling, prostitution, and bars that are run by people linked to these organizations. And in some neighborhoods in Tokyo, we needed to go them and make an agreement. I didn’t do it myself, but it was done. The yakuza were not involved in the movie.

Read full interview here, and see trailer for ‘Enter the Void’ below.

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