“Curator Kathy Grayson brings a Downtown NYC insider’s perspective to CTRL with a show  comprising many of that scene’s luminaries, some of whom also have a personal connection to  Houston. Patrick Griffin grew up in Houston, and met Dash Snow here, a teenager in exile  from misdeeds in Manhattan. Dash’s grandmother, Christophe de Menil is the reigning doyenne  of the Houston art world. Terence and Slava are titillated by Texas”.

Beyond their social lives, what connects these artists is a direct, down-and-dirty style  unencumbered by the stereotypical New Yorker’s urbane subtlety. Aurel Schmidt makes  meticulous trompe-l’oeil drawings of dissolute, strung-out monsters emerging from  arrangements of cigarette butts, flies, maggots, condoms, birds, snakes, cobwebs and the  like. Dash Snow’s photographs are romantic, repulsive and lucid documents of the downtown  scene he helped to start. Slava Mogutin takes tender and dirty pictures of boxers, strippers  and fetishists: bathroom-stall love poems. Patrick Griffin’s painted re-creations of old  thrift-store buttons are too gritty to be slick and too sincere to be pop. Impresario Aaron  ‘A-Ron’ Bondaroff, whose lifestyle has been his job since the age of fifteen, has literally  made his life a style, publishing his complete autobiography on a series of T- shirts. Terence Koh’s celebrated practice conjures a stark and seamy opulence that runs  roughshod over distinctions of class, taste, genre and gender. Xu Han Wei, yin to Terence’s  yang, is a more mysterious but equally versatile talent”.

Several of the artists will be traveling to Houston to make site-specific pieces, to come  home or to gawk. A zine documenting the exhibition and the surrounding shenanigans will be  available”.

curated by Kathy Grayson
at CTRL on Friday, February 27 through to April 18.

Thanks to the Glob for the info and words.