Featuring the work of Gelitin, Torben Giehler, Jonathan Meese, Les Rogers, Lisa Ruyter, Bill Saylor and SLAMXHYPE blogger Erik Parker, Leo Koenig Inc. is currently the location of the impressive group exhibition. Entitled “Get Right Back to Where we started From…” this exhibition is equal parts anniversary show, and a celebration of the collection of an early and most enthusiastic patron of the gallery. It has been ten years since Leo Koenig Inc. first opened its doors in a Williamsburg space by a then, 21 year old gallerist. Even compared to these strange times, with its unique set of economic hardships, ten years ago, Leo Koenig Inc. was “flying without a safety net” so to speak. Contrary to myth and rumour, Leo Koenig Inc. opened its doors without a silent partner, or monetary backing. The gallery was dependant solely upon the exuberance of its creator, the talents of its artists, and perhaps most importantly the support of a few gutsy and discerning collectors. Among those, one of the most beloved has always been Norman Dubrow.

Over the course of the years, Mr. Dubrow unassuming, and always enthusiastic, has amassed a fantastic collection of works by an impressive array of now prominent artists, only a few of whom were represented by this gallery. The truth is that Mr. Dubrow’s unflinching support was critical to many of us years ago, and he continues to be a voice that remains strong and sage…and for that, for him, and the few like him, we are grateful.

This show is by no means a survey of the last 10 years that the gallery has been in existence. It is instead a glimpse back at some memorable exhibitions, a seedling of a vision, and a toast to the next 10.