Louisa Saint Pierre is a London born, NY based artist, Managing Editor of Spread ArtCulture Magazine, and Director of Illustration, Interactive and Integrated Media at behemoth agency Bernstein & Andriulli. She represents some of the world’s most prolific artists, photographers and directors, including The KDU, Tristan Eaton, Gary Baseman, Tronic Studio, Jason Goldwatch, Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One, collective ilovedust, Kai and Sunny, Friends with You, and Pop Art Legend Sir Peter Blake.
She graciously lent us a bit of her time to give her picks for this holiday season complete with commentary. If your scrambling to find that perfect gift there may be something just right in here for you.

“Kai and Sunny Boy set of prints from “The Flower Show” at Stolen Spae Gallery, London. Their last set sold out fast… just saying.”
Kai and Sunny Box Set – The Flower Show Series 2 Price | £240

“Probably not best viewed after a few shots of tequila, unless nausea is your thing, but this is genius. Art by the likes of James Jean, Stephen Bliss, Gary Baseman, Jeff Soto, Mars, Rostarr, Eric White, Gary Taxali, Trustocorp, Shepard Fairey, Mark Ryden and many more, put through a 3D digital process by uber hybrid artist Tristan Eaton, Published by Jonathan Stein and Prestel.”

The 3D Art Book by Tristan Eaton Price | $23.10

“For those moments of frustration or affection. For pugilists and pacifists alike.”

Friends with you Rainbow TTT Bop Bag Price | $90

“Own that gluttony! Cool packaging, and the chocolate actually tastes really good. I’m a connoisseur.”
Fat Pig Chocolate from the Brooklyn Brothers Price | $5.95 ea

“…and if you need a plate to elevate your chocolate devouring experience Demian Repucci’s London Delft Tableware will come in handy.”

Demian Repucci London Delft Tableware Price | $100

“At last! A piece of furniture we can legitimately doodle on. When you just can’t be bothered to go a pick up a pad.”

Jottables Table

“Kiehls Products. All of them. But these designed by ilovedust brighten up any bathroom”
Kiehls Creme de Corps Designed by ilovedust

“Music by amazing Nigerian songstress Nneka (Her third album “Soul is Heavy” is out Feb 28th, If belated holiday gifts and delated gradification are your style)”
Nneka – Heartbeat EP

“And so we start and finish with art, but this time it’s digital and limited edition. Pick up a Demian Hirst, Tracey Emin or Shepard Fairey for a fraction of the cost, to adorn your iphone, ipad, or Smart TV. It’s the future. Ostensibly.”
s[edition] Limited Edition Digital Art