If your still haven’t found that last min gift time definitely isn’t on your side but we have one last guide to present to you just incase. Our last guide comes from the folks behind The Keystone Design Union (KDU) Mr. David Gensler and and Creative Director Jared Liner, the strategy, design, and marketing agency thats has played an significant role in much of what we see today in terms of culturally relevant marketing collaborations with an client roster that includes adidas, Hennessy, Nike, K2 Snowboards, 361 Sports China, G-Star, and Diesel. Dave is also the Founder and Lead Designer of Serum Versus Venom, a fashion rooted design brand. (www.serumvenom.com) as well as serves as United States Editor of StreetWear Today magazine.

Jared Liner

“The gift that keeps on growing”
Vertical Plant Garden

“Slept on these every trip to Japan. Happy hunting stateside.”
Moobius Key Holder

“Meticulous assemblage sculptures.”
Kris Kuksi Sculpture

“I love chocolate and Star Wars.”
Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate Bar

“Just like an authentic pair from the 1800’s, only smaller.”
SVSV French Shear Pendant

“Big Game James. Forum Blue and Gold never looked so good, especially these days.”
Game Worn Vintage NBA Jersey

“Traditional practice of carving and inlaying intricate symbols into human skulls.”
Tibetan Decorated Human Skull

“They never get old, just harder to find.”
Vintage Panerai Watch

David Gensler

“Garni rings for my wife, Margarita. Elegant, organic and abstract.”

“Over 100 years of mechanical perfection.”
Graflex RB 4×5 Camera

“When the going gets tough… Unimog!”
hMercedez Benz, Unimog 4×4

“Rocio Romero Pre-fab home for the mountains. This will be the studio at my new mountain retreat.”
Rocio Romero Pre-fab Homes

“Brooklyn Made, Indian Larry motorcycle. If you ride, ride a custom, hand crafted work of art.”
Indian Larry Motorcycle

“Hand Made FOGG camera bags from France. Absolute, timeless perfection.”
FOGG Camera Bags

“Functional Industrial works of Art.”
Van Staal Fishing Reels

“Personal protection at its best. Dual .410 Shotgun and .45 shells”
Taurus 4510 Judge.

Titanium Folding Knife from Triple Aught Design.

“Thumbs-Up grip for Leica Rangefinders (and other cameras).  Most useful add on recommendation I can
make for functionality and safety.”
Thumbs-Up grip