For their latest exhibition contemporary UK art duo, Gilbert and George, depart from their recognised graphic, photo-montage style to create art with a series of  postcards in “The Urethra Postcard Pictures” at London’s White Cube gallery.

The massive collection of 564 works features postcards arranged in a grid (a continual rectangle of cards, with a single card in the middle) which represents a sexual symbol used by an obscure Victorian occultist, C. W. Leadbetter, to identify himself.   Using the artists’ personal collection of shop bought picture postcards as well as found flyers and cards promoting prostitutes and sexual services on the streets of London.  I have always been somewhat dubious by the message behind Gilbert and George’s work, finding they often put courting controversy over any real message , and supposedly this is something to do with a celebration of British culture and a confrontational exercise in celebrating libertarianism.  From the sound of this collection it probably won’t be any different, however, like most of their work, it will at least be humorous.

Find out for yourself when the exhibition opens this Friday at the Mason’s Yard White Cube Gallery in London.