A lot of you may know Reda as a regular fixture on TheBerrics.com, so the name should ring a bell, but, for those not aware, we present to you a look at some of his work through his book Demigods and Cosmic Children, published by OHWOW. The book focuses on portraits with a lot of familiar faces from the world of art, movies, skateboarding and even the culinary scene as the subjects. Folks like KAWS, Andy Kessler (RIP), Haze, Neckface, Juliette Lewis, Bridget Hall, Dave Ortiz, Aaron Bondaroff, Al Moran, Elijah Wood, Eric Koston and many, many more encompassing numerous areas of popular culture can all be found throughout the pages. I picked up a copy of it at the photographer’s book release and exhibition event this past week at Los Angeles’ Subliminal Projects Gallery and I must say that it is definitely worth the purchase. The photos are clean and simple, and they do a great job of capturing the subject’s personality. Be on the lookout for an interview with Reda in the coming weeks.

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