As music critic of Interview Magazine back in the days of Warhol, the host of the infamous TV Party, Glenn O’Brien is one of the most influential people in our culture’s development. An idol of mine personally, the guys at ACL caught up with the GQ Style Guy for a chat.

David Coggins: You’re Irish but you don’t drink whisky.

Glenn O’Brien: That’s right. I’ve never liked Scotch. I only drink beer if I’m trying not to drink because I’m not crazy about it. I have a couple of margaritas a year. I’ve never had a whole martini in my life. I used to drink rum. I tried Chris Blackwell’s rum recently. He’s got his own rum now called Well Black and it’s really good.

DC: Do you have to be in Jamaica to enjoy it?

GO: I had it at his apartment up by the planetarium. It’s designed to be drunk neat, but he also makes a mean rum punch with it.

DC: You come to Il Buco a lot, it’s your local.

GO: I think they have the best food in town, I eat here as often as I can. The chef is great and the wine is really good. You always discover wine here, like this Rioja.

DC: They serve Spanish wine here even though it’s an Italian restaurant.

GO: They’ve always had good Spanish wines. And they also chill their wine to 60-some degrees, which I really like.

DC: You’re one of the people who likes a drink I like, a drink that dares not speak its name: the white wine spritzer.

GO: I do like that. The Romans invented the spritzer or even the Ancient Greeks. They thought drinking your wine undiluted was drinking like a barbarian. Scythian style.


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Here’s a clip from TV Party to tie you over over the Christmas break.