If there is anyone capable of competing within the social network playing field with Facebook, its Google! Whether or not they can, whether or not that have the product, the timing, the know how, is yet to be decided, but what we do now know is thatG are giving it one big shot with Google+. Currently in ‘Invite Only’ beta, the site will gradually roll out with the pure purpose of competing with facebook – who know host a massive 500 million + users.

These are the key functions which google think will see it compete:

Circles – a functionality that allows individuals to place friends into groups, allowing users to share different forms of content with targeted clusters of friends

Hangouts – live multi-user video conferencing that permits friends to drop in and out of live group conversations

Huddle – group instant messaging

Sparks – a feature that connects individuals on the network to others with common interests.

Sign up and judge for yourself.