Google has made a lot of things that has changed a lot of lives over the past few years. A few things being their search engine, Gmail/Google talk, Google Wave, and most recently is the Nexus One. This is HTC’s latest handset that will feature Google’s Mobile OS known as Android. The Nexus one looks great to me, a popular little feature is the animated backgrounds that you can interact with (see: video below). Since we are not a technology blog I won’t bother going into specs and details, but I will give my views on it as a gadget guy.

In my prior experiences with the Android OS it does its job and its easy to use, but it still seems clunky to me. I find the iPhone to be an overall more pleasant experience, yes I have one. Although, I do believe this is the nicest droid phone out. It’s thinner than the iPhone and looks to have the best screen for a smartphone. It has the trackball of the modern Blackberry’s and the curves of the phone make it look a lot like an elongated touchscreen Blackberry Curve to me. An extremely handsome looking smart phone! If anyone was looking into getting an Android phone, this is the one to get. It is being officially unveiled tomorrow at 10AM Pacific time.

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