Having opened on the 23rd of May, “Greater New York” is continuing to cause something of a stir amongst the art loving section of New York society.  Beginning in 2000, “Greater New York” is produced every five years and is a show which gives young and emerging talents a stage on which to capture new audiences, at one of the most prestigious venues in the city.

This year, 68 artists have their works housed throughout the largest contemporary exhibtion space in New York – a layout plan which denotes the inclusive approach which the curator, Klaus Biesenbach, has addopted; never knowing which of these new talents may be internationally regarded and acclaimed in the future.

Performance art has been cited by many reviewers as the dominant medium of our society, therefore it is no surprise that within events timetables artists are recommending others works, highlighting poetry readings and housing open studio sessions – all of which again point to the inclusive nature which contemporary art can provide.  This ‘generous’ trend continous with works such as pieces from the  Bruce High Quality Foundation which will allow art schools the opportunity to have their sculptures – as long as they replace them with another – whilst David Brooks has interspersed Rainforrest plant life with concrete, both exhibtions giving nod to evolving landscapes and evolutionary art.

With other pieces such as A.L. Steiner’s “Angry, Articulate, Inevitable” depicting lesbian relationships to Hank Willis Thomas’  “Unbranded: Reflections in Black by Corporate America 1968-2008” whch examines the role of ‘blackness’ in society, there are varying degrees of meaning and substance in the exhibtion.  This hugely eclectic mix means connections can be made accross the boundaries of artistic acceptance.

The New York Times described the exhibtion as :

“Greater New York” is like the proverbial stream: always in flux. You’ll want to put your foot in more than once”

a statement which encapsulates the inclusive and exciting endeavour which young, creative and energetic minds produce.