Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art are getting ready to present Grey Area, the first US solo exhibition of work by UK artist Boxi beginning Thursday April 9. Work in the show will include spray paint on canvas and MDF, sculpture, and limited edition prints, as well as a site-specific installation making for a must see.

“I am drawn to the incongruous narrative in figuration. My works aspire to polarize the stability of what is at first perceived to be harmless or sweet but in reality turns out to be pathetically desperate or tragic or vice versa. A dark disillusioned romanticism pervades throughout… (along with) confrontational themes, such as paranoia, disappointment, expectation, grief, mistrust and other upbeat reflections of our times.

“It is in this state of reflection, this ‘grey area’ of ambiguity and blurred truth that I have found myself in, a place where trends and crashes in the market aggressively threaten and pressurize social behavior. Making life-sized figures that articulate this uncertainty is a way for me to come to terms with the phrase ‘of our time’.”