Browsing the Guggenheim website I noticed that the New York museum has bought the Scottish artist Douglas Gordon’s “Zidane, a 21st century portrait”.

I’m not a huge fan of video art, but this 2006 work follows French soccer star Zinédine Zidane in real time over the course of a single match is stunning.  Assembled from footage shot by 17 synchronized cameras placed around the stadium, the film captures Zidane from multiple angles, from up close and afar, and remains steadfastly fixed on him even when the central action of the match moves elsewhere.  This instillation piece see the the cinematic version projected in a space, while the raw footage from one of the 17 cameras plays beside it. On occasion, the two streams synch and show the same image. This doubling, a recurrent feature of Gordon’s work, both deepens the psychological complexity of the portrait and echoes the broader mass-dissemination of the celebrity-hero.

The Guggenheim is yet to announce when this instillation is going on display, but hopefully it will be soon .  Still, it’s a great opportunity to talk about on the true modern legends of the beautiful game, and listen to the amazing soundtrack from Glaswegian avant-garde rockers Mogwai.