guy-denning letting go of the entourage

Guy Denning, one of England’s finest urban painters, is set to unveil a new series of oils on canvas at Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art on Thursday, August 6, 2009. While the Bristol-born artist has had major shows throughout the UK and exhibited his work in group shows in California in the past, this is his debut US solo show.

Celebrity Will Eat Itself explores the notion of the eternally solipsistic über-celebrity in all its splendor, hedonism, and pain. With intense brushstrokes and a dynamic use of texture, Denning unravels the darkness inherent in the socially dysfunctional idols of our time and the potentially damaging effects of Hollywood idolatry on both the idols and the idol-worshippers.

Says Denning, “I think this obsession is damaging not only to cultural growth but also to general social well-being and development.”

Denning has long entranced fans with the striking style and ethereal beauty of his androgynous portraiture. Sexual and temporal politics, objectification and isolation are illuminated through a carefully honed juxtaposition of shape and shade. His paintings blend an elegant classical form with an unflinching reflection upon issues that dog contemporary Western society.

Denning’s work resides in public and private collections across the globe, including the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, USA, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Greece.

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