Graffiti legend Dondi White built a dynasty, not only for himself but for the entire graffiti culture have played a pivotal role during its rise. In honor and commemoration of Dondi White, a special charity silkscreen edition of 129 has been released. This piece commemorates Dondi White 10th anniversary since his passing on October 2nd, 1998. “Gods Love We Deliver” helped him tremendously in the final years, in addition to the countless others that they serve and will be the beneficiary whom the proceeds will be donated to. Printed by CRIME79 who has done works for the likes of Kaws and Crash as well as having printed the “D5” and “Rain Proof Dance” Dondi White/Baurmann Gallery estate editions.

You can get your hands on the “Gods Love We Deliver” print which remembers the great Dondi White for only $129 plus shipping from Baurmann Gallery.