Harmony Korine is a head on collision between street culture and outsider art.  He is probably best know for writing the screenplay to ‘Kids”, the hip and controversial skateboard themed movie that launched the careers of Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson, at the insanely young age of 21.  But since then he has carved himself a niche as an indie film making auteur, with movies like “Gummo”, “Julian Donkey Boy” and “Mister Lonely”, as well as collaborating on writing, music, photography and art projects with the likes of Mark Gonzalez, Sonic Youth, Macaulay Culkin and Cat Power.

He is an artist in the truest sense of the word, and his work ranges between brilliant, and insane to just plain awful, and his latest movie “Trash Humpers” looks set to be all three of these at once.  Shot on outdated VHS video equipment it follows a “loser-gang cult-freak collective” and looks set to divide critics even further (check the bizarre trailer below).  The movie showed at the recent New York Film Festival, where Korine followed the screening with a typically off-key Q&A where he discussed his influences for the movie, and his film making style.

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