East London’s StolenSpace gallery opened its doors last night to Pain, a new solo exhibition from Japanese artist Haroshi. Working with his signature medium of sculpture crafted from the wood of disused skateboard decks, Haroshi presents an examination of the effects of emotional pain and how it can be a motivating force in the creation of art. Viewers are introduced to sculptural manifestations of the subject; from snapped bones, to pierced hearts and intense grimaces as well as a more whimsical take, imagined as the exhibition’s centrepiece; an immense cartoon-like bird of prey which spans an entire wall of one gallery. Through these pieces we get an idea of Haroshi’s incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail as well as his thorough understanding of the movement of living forms, calling into question, “what is pain?” and “why does it exist?” Pain runs until November 3, 2013.

Photo credit: DK Woon / SLAMXHYPE