Hasselblad has released the latest rendition to their H4D camera line, the H4D-200MS. The camera is capable of shooting 200 megapixels, which is 150 more than its predecessor, H4D-50MS. Baring an identical body design as its earlier H4D-50MS model, the H4D-200MS combines six shots, using Hasselblad’s multi-shot technology, to create its 200 megapixel single image. The camera is designed for studio photographers whose work requires the ultimate in resolution, extremely fine details and exact color information, the H4D-200MS is ideal for capturing images of stationary items such as cars, jewelry, artwork and other high end products where there is no room for compromise in image quality. Hasselblad is offering current H4D owners a sensor upgrade for €7,000, saving them the extra €25,000 they’d have to spend it they bought the full kit priced at €32,000.